Hello guys, if you're wondering who I am and don't know, it's very simple. I'm the new account to General Psychodash, aka one of the two developers of FNaTI2. Since it's been awhile since I've been back on this wiki, I decided to give an update.

However, the news I have will not be liked.

If you followed the blogs on my old account, you'll know I did have the tendency to flipflop on whether or not I'll finish the game. Well, I have decided. But like I said, you won't like it.

I'm not 100% stopping development, but I'm not continuing either. I'm doing what AnArt did while in development, I'll be handing to over to someone else. That someone is Saturn. She was with me on the development team when I started this game, and trust me, she's nothing like Purity. In fact, she was so excited when I asked for her help when I started this, and she'll finish it, trust me, it won't be another abandoned project.

As for why I won't be continuing, I'm actually working on another game. The wiki for that game will be private until I would like to show it, however, so please don't beg or ask what it is. Besides, this is still a fangame to something, so the one I'm working on is still based off something.

Plus, I'm also getting really busy in terms of wikia. I constantly watch my own wiki and update it with coding, plus I am the current owner of two other wikis, aswell as an admin on three more. So you can kinda see how my effort is kinda eaten up. Plus with the new wiki for my new game, that makes a total of seven wikis I watch daily. I'm not saying it's too much for me, I'm saying that is kinda preoccupying me aswell.

So long story short, I will be giving Saturn the right to finish my game, and the reason I am not continuing is due to another game in progress and my roles on other wikis.

I hope you understand, and if you're mad at me because of this, I'm sorry,

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