Hi everyone normally i do not make blog posts i just cover them but why not everyone is making them. Sorry for bad grammer/spelling im  tired and really couldnt care right at this second im really exhausted. 

So someone made the writer of Abandoned by Disney upset and so is his fanbase over me saying his story has nothing to do with game. Excuse me Im sorry did someone not watch my video to the end or watch the livestreams? I mean i now i have a  welsh accent and im hard to understand at time as well as  i talk to much but seriously in that  video i was literally me  screaming into my mic saying it was the one story  the game had anything to do with   since Matthew did say he  has only read that one story , keeping in mind  that  was said  before we where told who the writer  was Tia since then that has changed and  i just wasnt allowed to say anything. 

                This blog is just me saying that im taking a break or leaving whichever you like better  because its just not worth it anymore FNATI will always be featured on my channel but im done im going to focus on working behind the scenes on the projects alongside puritysin  and the others. But i will not post on the wiki  or go into the chat unless i need to or i am asked too .Please try to get along with each other and be nice and i guess ill see you around ill make videos to keep everyone up to date with the latest information for the game but please double check before you added it please, 

             Also for the last time Oswald and God are connected because he helped her before and she wants to pay him back it was cofirmed on the tumblr among other things and in the comments below oswalds page, Not much else to say only that best of luck with the wiki ill visit from time to time but ill be busy working on projects. Remember we are  Sinning For Charity this month to raise money for animals. There will be a stream today so see you around bye everyone.  

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