Photo-Negative Mickey will have the same outfit he has in FNaTI, however, his height and posture will be edited to look more like a human-sized costume from DisneyLand. He will also be torn up slightly. Disembodied will be in the game, but I haven't quite figured out how to make him hostile. As for the Photo-Negative Oswald doll, more will be explained here. There are two dolls, one of which I will not mention (it'll be a surprise). The Photo-Negative Oswald doll is a mispainted doll, that was left behind after Mowgli's Palace was vandalized and destroyed. He is haunted by one of the past employees, that died from... something unknown (I don't want to spoil everything). However, he isn't seeking revenge, but rather, a friend. He is willing to aid you in your attempt to finish what should have been done long, long ago.

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