Hi guys!
There was some time ago since the badges get their last update, so there is nothing better than starting a weekend with an update of these ones!

Rank Points
Moderator 350 400.
Chat Moderator
Rank Points
Chat Moderator 410 385.
Rank Points
Rollback 695 600.
PACK Moderator
Rank Points
Moderator + Chat Moderator 805 765.
PACK Mini Admin
Rank Points
Rollback + Chat Moderator 920 885.
PACK Triple Rank
Rank Points
Rollback + Chat Mod + Mod 1095 1000.
Rank Points
Administrator / sysop 1505 1300.
Rank Points
Bureucrat 2685 2235. BEST OFFER!!!

Do you like the update of the badges? All users who reached the new amount of required points will be automatically promoted (if there are slots in their rank). Remember: Be active when you get any rank, because if you be inactive we will give you 1-2 weeks to recover the activity or you will be 100% demoted and the slots that you occupied will be increased again by 1.

Special Annoucement

KeeblerPie is now a bureucrat of the wiki! It's a good way to thanks him for help us! Visit his Message Wall to congrats him! :)

Have fun!

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