Hello all!

Tobias Alcaraz has added edit buttons for those of you that use Monobook or Source mode editor.

These buttons are:

  • Bot%C3%B3n_C%C3%B3digofuente.png  Font code. This lets you embed code on the Wikia pages or on a blog post.
  • Borrar.png  Delete. This notifies an admin of a page that needs to be deleted. Make sure to put the reason.
  • Button_desambig.png  Disambiguation. This puts in the {{Disambig}} template for use on disambiguation pages.
  • Bot%C3%B3n_plantilla.png  Template. This puts in the curved brackets ({{}}) so you can put in a transclusion[What's that?] or template.
  • Button_user.png And finally, User. This puts in the {{User|NAME}} template. Change 'name' to a username. For example: {{User|KeeblerPie}} turns into KeeblerPie (wall · contribs).

That is all.

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