Hello guys!

In our Page we reached the 100 likes!

I know, it's not much, but worst is nothing, huh? We're happy to see more people joining to the page to watch some of our latest news or posts! So, there is no better way to celebrate this than making a new event!

Does anyone remember the Easter Event / update? Okey, again, we will hide E̶g̶g̶s Facebook Like pics in some pages of the wiki. Can you find at least 20 likes from 40?

If you find them, let us know about it on the comments or sending a message to us!

List of best like-hunters

Note: "X" means the number of likes found (ex: the X likes found by Tobias is 10, so X is remplaced by 10 by the administration).

Gerardluis23 = 40 Likes
Samboogle = 40 Likes
Thunderclanhero123 = 40 Likes
BaconisAwesome = 14 Likes
{{User|name}} = X Likes
{{User|name}} = X Likes
{{User|name}} = X Likes
{{User|name}} = X Likes
{{User|name}} = X Likes
{{User|name}} = X Likes 

FB Carnival Countdown

100 likes carnival event pic

Add brightness to the image...

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