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  • Timidgoliath05niner

    So here's how this works: You have 3 Choices on what happened in the fight. The first 3 will be listed here:

    1. PN Mickey and Freddy enter, and touch knuckles like Usual.

    2. Freddy is disgusted on how tiny and weak his opponet is, and does not want to fight him. He does not touch knuckles with PN Mickey.

    3. PN Mickey will see that he could easliy take down Fazbear, and doesn't touch knuckles with him.

    You are allowed to pick options and add commentary from Freddy and PN Mickey. I can be the announcer.


    • no off-topic disscussions
    • No NSFW crap
    • No mutilation (PN Mickey Ripping off his head, etc.)
    • No Objects besides boxing gloves and theirselves (Freddy's microphone is not in the battle)
    • Moves/Actions have to be within the range of the average Box…
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  • Timidgoliath05niner

    I belive they are too big for this wiki Page. Maybe, now I'm just suggesting this... Maybe we should downgrade it a little? Just a thought. Also, it appears that they double over, cause 2 of them.

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