So, a user named Jeremy123 has stated I am making an attempt to ressurect FNaTI. That information is correct, however since one more final version of FNaTI will be released, I am going to wait until that final game. Just so I know what happened in that game and I can try to work with some of that story.

With this being said though, please still give credit to the original creators of this game. Those would be AnArt and Purity. Please also credit Slimebeast for the original story Abandoned By Disney. All the characters in the game are from the very first original game and should be thought of as such.

The "new" characters however, those "belong" to me I guess.

Anyway, so yay, FNaTI will be resurrected! And, there will not be any official wiki unless I say otherwise.

See ya!

--SunsetBlaze (talk) 00:35, July 18, 2015 (UTC)

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