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  • SunsetBlaze

    So, a user named Jeremy123 has stated I am making an attempt to ressurect FNaTI. That information is correct, however since one more final version of FNaTI will be released, I am going to wait until that final game. Just so I know what happened in that game and I can try to work with some of that story.

    With this being said though, please still give credit to the original creators of this game. Those would be AnArt and Purity. Please also credit Slimebeast for the original story Abandoned By Disney. All the characters in the game are from the very first original game and should be thought of as such.

    The "new" characters however, those "belong" to me I guess.

    Anyway, so yay, FNaTI will be resurrected! And, there will not be any official wiki u…

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  • SunsetBlaze

    Heya everyone, it's Sunset. You probably know me from the FNaF wiki if you go there of the FNaF RP wiki if you even go there. I've been looking around on this wiki ever since I found it, which was a long while back. Though in the past few months I haven't been keeping up with this wiki, aaand I come back to...this. The...please don't hate me, the monstrocity this wiki has become. I am very dissapointed, and it is very rare when I am dissapointed, I hope you're happy.

    I couldn't play this game, not because of some computer problem or anything, but I found it scary-scarier than FNaF itself! Kudos to AnArt for making the game as cool and creepy as it is. Now you're probably wondering, if I find the game scary, why am I here? That's because I l…

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  • SunsetBlaze

    Hey fellow suitians! Suitians, is that even-su-suits? Oh whatever. Hey people of the wiki! I'm Sunset here, here to talk to you about something I plan on doing-don't worry it totally has something to do with FNaTI! I'm thinking of making a fangame for FNaTI-FNaTI2! I have the plot set too if you're interested in hearing it:

    Twenty years after the SSA explored Treasure Island, Disney had tried to reopen the park. Since it would be a synch and Disney would deny anything about the supernatural beings.

    The day the park reopened was great, there was almost nobody in any of the other parks-they were all at Treasure Island, having more magical fun they've ever dreamed of.

    However, the other suits are still there. And most importantly,  they were sti…

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