Brief Description

Who am i you may be wondering? It's User:Photo Negative Mickey on an account he forgot existed a long time ago. And decided to use it for a while, may end up getting Blocked on this wiki like my other one did for some random reason.

Why was I Blocked??

I don't know actually. I was basically stating my opinion on the Wiki and it's activity. I tried conving Anto to remove the images but yet he didn't know how to remove them. Just what sort of Admin doesn't know how to remove images?

What was the Opinion.

If this wiki is going to be based on the game it's tended to be about, then all un-realted images to that game has to be removed, this includes things such like non-FNaTI related imagery, and even Fan-Art is not allowed because it's not part of the original game that was being made by AnArt and Purity before handing out the files completley. Except some missing of course.

So i called the wiki a few stuff here and there so Anto took it seriously and Blocked me for an entire year :/

Until then.

I had a good run on this Wiki since 2015 after first seeing Five Nights at Treasure Island, glad to meet some of the users here, some deactive and some who still come. But I guess i'll be seeing you all in 2018. I'll be sticking to this account until Anto builds up and blocks it like he did the other one. 

I'll be trying to help out at a few things here and there, message me on my message wall for any questions and that. And be sure to come to other Wiki's I go to, own or even administrator on it!

~Photo Negative Mickey

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