Hi, all. This is probably the only "Blog" I'll post here. The reason I'm posting this here at all is because I feel like this is the only place for the message. For example, if I Tweeted it or put it on Tumblr, it wouldn't reach many FNaTI fans.

So anyway, here goes...

Permission regarding FNaTI fan-games, remakes, spinoffs, etc:

Purity has reportedly been telling people they have her 'permission' to make games like FNaTI, but only if they don't use Donald's head, Oswald, and Goofy's body.

Let's clear some stuff up really quickly.

1.) Yes, anyone can create a FNaTI game, but you don't need Purity's permission. Art is okay with anyone doing it, and he's the one who gave permission in the first place. You don't need to ask anyone and no one can tell you what you can or can't use in a free game, anyway. There's literally no need for permission on a free project.

2.) You CAN use Donald's head, Oswald, Goofy, and anything else. You can have a character named "God", if you want. Purity doesn't own any of this, and is not able to give or deny permission to use any of it. Further, Donald's disembodied head is from Abandoned by Disney anyway.

3.) If anyone says you don't have permission to do what you want (for a free project) you should know that they can't do anything about it, anyway. Not legally. They can only whine and try to manipulate others. There are no legal or ethical concerns in making a FNaTI game. You could even name it "Five Nights at Treasure Island" if you wanted to.

4.) Everyone and anyone has permission to use "Abandoned by Disney" for NON-Profit means. This has always been the case, and this permission has never been retracted. Ever. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

That's about it.

I'd love to see folks make their own games - Even if it's completely unrelated to this game, or to my work. Encouraging people to be creative (and not to let fools stop them) is what I'm all about!

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