Matthew/AnArt revealed the story for FNaTI, his story and also shared Tia's/Purity's.

I asked him what the story was since it was cancelled by Purity and he told me both.

Here is what he said

"HER STORY: Pretty much what was gonna go down, was that the island with the suits were suppose to be "drawings" from the past. The island was a resort for failed artists to draw whatever they feel like, and pretty much, everything there (suit related) are the drawings of the artists, who committed suicide later on.
They are all drawings of people who've failed to make it with Disney and 'God' was suppose to be the main "baddy". Whereas 'God' wasn't actually god, but rather purity's OC. There's a safe in pirate caverns that was suppose to contain all the drawings and such to destroy all of the drawings to then end the horror of the story.

MY STORY: Pretty much rolls with the idea that the island is haunted (like the original story this game was based on), and the SSA threw their intern into this island in hopes to find Henry, because they lost him there on their last trip. Near the end, there would be a 'God' figure. But this 'God' figure was meant to actually be an actual ghost that wasn't trapped in a suit. She was the only one free, while the rest of the suits had to wonder the entire island looking for a way to complete themselves. Hence they photonegative mickey wants your head to replace his.

This is the rundown of what was suppose to happen in the game. Whether it's hers or my story."

And if you don't believe me here is a link to the comment.