• Skulliboy

    The story is revealed.

    September 9, 2015 by Skulliboy

    Matthew/AnArt revealed the story for FNaTI, his story and also shared Tia's/Purity's.

    I asked him what the story was since it was cancelled by Purity and he told me both.

    Here is what he said

    "HER STORY: Pretty much what was gonna go down, was that the island with the suits were suppose to be "drawings" from the past. The island was a resort for failed artists to draw whatever they feel like, and pretty much, everything there (suit related) are the drawings of the artists, who committed suicide later on.
    They are all drawings of people who've failed to make it with Disney and 'God' was suppose to be the main "baddy". Whereas 'God' wasn't actually god, but rather purity's OC. There's a safe in pirate caverns that was suppose to contain all the …

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  • Skulliboy

    The green humanoid thing Matthew mentioned was gonna return, I found it in the files of the FNaTI v2 Clickteam Demo with PN Mickey.

    It is creepy in my opinion.

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  • Skulliboy

    Old FNaTI downloads

    August 18, 2015 by Skulliboy

    Hi, I am putting up a old download for the original FNaTI demo version 1.2.3, remastered 2.0 and 3.0 since they were sadly deleted from Media Fire by Purity or Anart, I don't know who.

    They aren't the latest versions but it is the best you can get, enjoy. - Original - Remastered (warning this is buggy as hell, I would just use it for extracting the files and finding what secrets that may lie inside.) - Remastered 2.0 (This is the last version featuring PN Mickey and when Purity took over.) - Remastered 3.0 (The latest version as of 8/18/2015, this will probably become special…

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