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  • ShiverCold64

    What now?

    June 23, 2015 by ShiverCold64

    "Let's see, there's a number of things here...: 1. FNaTI has been canceled, just like FNaTI: NBD and One Week at Flumpty's. 2. This fan-base is just... bad. Not everyone in it, but THOSE people. it's kinda similar to the FNaF community. 3. What do we do now? Everything is pointless. If the game's been canceled, there's no point in this wiki existing. Well, I don't think so, anyways. Also, if you have any hate commets, go jump off a bridge. Or you can do the slightly easier option and not post hate comments at all. And don't sware, either. You're not even supposed to. Another thing. If there ARE a reasonable amount of hate comments, then I will just be manipulated by my anger. I will show you what it's like to be like that. It's highly unliā€¦

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