This Blog is to NOT cause any arugements or hate towards the official FNaTI dev team, it's just an explanation.

The Blog

The reason why the Purity Sinners is refusing to release the game is because of the input her and the team is getting from the community. She quote on quote states the community is "Cancer" due to all the hate people put towards them when developing the game.

When i recently released a video she commented until a lot of other people started replying to that particular comment, throwing hate at her yet again.

She later on replied saying the truth about the game, saying that the game itself, the FULL game is just sitting on her desktop.

Now this guys is why she won't release it. Because of the hate, if she DOES release it, she'll then have a handful of hate thrown at her if the game, story or gameplay is the singlest bit bad.

Everyone even kicked off at them for replacing PN Mickey with Willy, but that can't be a reason why people should just hate the game.

I only want to play the full version as i want to see the story of the island, but i can't as everyone had to be a total jerk to her.

If you guys left them alone, you could be playing the full game at this moment. 

Just leave her alone, people still send hate messages to her on this DAY, i already felt bad seeing what people said to her.

The videos i released wasn't a Hate Gun to shoot at her, it was just explaining what's happening to ME, not her!

Photo Negative Mickey (talk) 19:47, June 2, 2016 (UTC)

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