• Oswald the lucky bunny

    And i was there. in the floor,thinking what to do.

    so many years that i did not see the humans,or they actions,or how do they talk.

    The new guy seems good.trying to talk at him would be pathetic to a animatronic like me.

    may god bless my soul,or send it to the hell forever.






    on the walls,that word was in every place.

    i wake up,as you know,to kill the guy. but i didnt want to do it,so i started to ask.

    he didnt seem to understand why i do not want to kill the night guard. i tryed to tell him that we do not have to do it.

    he continued his way to the Mascot Only Room.without say anything more.

    PN Mickey mouse voice is what i heard:

    We are not toy's to play with humans,they betrayed us…

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