Now did you see the ending in the trailer?




Abandoned by Disney before...

  • Henry,Lisa and Greg started the SSA
  • Discovery Island was the name instead of Treasure Island

Henry works

  • Henry lost at Pirate Caverns
  • Greg and Lisa looks for Henry but fails...
  • Henry was stuck at Pirate's Caverns

Henry opens the cage

  • Undying escapes and thanks Henry.
  • Henry finds The Face
  • The Face had a problem with Undying somehow
  • Henry locks Undying in his cage again

Looking for an escape

  • Henry walks patiently in Pirate's Caverns

Again, Remember the trailer? HE WAS WALKING!!

  • Henry is the player in Pirate's Caverns
  • The Face wants Henry to stay

Here's the Timeline weird thingies

Henry dies (The Face jumpscares the player in Pirate's Caverns)

  • The Face takes his eyes and body parts

Henry escapes (Player advances to Night 4)

  • Henry gives The Face his eyes to help him see better.....

Perhaps, Henry escapes and frees Undying before leaving!

So, Undying moves at Night 4 and the Night 3 is the same time as Pirate's Caverns!

Thanks for reading,  

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