This is just a continuation for my fangame, The Worst Nightmare!

So, I'll tell you the locations first. There is an Office, but you'll never stay in there, it's not safe! There are the costumes that will attack you, and now it's safe if you stay in the Safe Room of the place. There are two windows, a table, and more stuffs! But for now, I'm not yet done making the Safe Room, so anyway, there are ten locations in total. This is a list of them:

The Body's Room, Room One, Heads RoomAbandoned Room, Costume Room, Maintenance Area, Room Two, Safe Room, Dusty Area and Staff Only Room.

The Body is a costume without its head, and he starts on his own room. In Room One, you will see Inverted Weslie, an inverted costume, and a girl version of Wesley. Wesley is a costume that looks like a cat, with a missing eye, and human tears falling from his eye. Inverted Weslie has a human teeth, with a pink bow and a pair of pink shoes. Jack is a two-separated costume, his head is on the Heads Room, and his body is an easter egg. Jeff's Head is a head of Jeff, one of the most famous creepypasta. His body is an easter egg also.Those two both heads starts in the Heads Room, and their bodies are both easter eggs! So, that's enough for today, there are a total of 10 costumes, but I don't want to waste your time, so goodbye!

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