• MyNameIsJC

    So many questions

    September 25, 2015 by MyNameIsJC

    I have so many questions since I left the wikia.

    Is the game published?

    What is Project D.I.?

    Can someone give me the link of the Project D.I.?

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  • MyNameIsJC

    This is just a continuation for my fangame, The Worst Nightmare!

    So, I'll tell you the locations first. There is an Office, but you'll never stay in there, it's not safe! There are the costumes that will attack you, and now it's safe if you stay in the Safe Room of the place. There are two windows, a table, and more stuffs! But for now, I'm not yet done making the Safe Room, so anyway, there are ten locations in total. This is a list of them:

    The Body's Room, Room One, Heads RoomAbandoned Room, Costume Room, Maintenance Area, Room Two, Safe Room, Dusty Area and Staff Only Room.

    The Body is a costume without its head, and he starts on his own room. In Room One, you will see Inverted Weslie, an inverted costume, and a girl version of Wesley. Wesley is…

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  • MyNameIsJC

    My own fangame

    April 9, 2015 by MyNameIsJC

    Hello! I am MyNameIsJC, and I'm creating my new horror fangame, The Worst Nightmare!

    This game is inspired by both games Five Nights at Treasure Island and Five Nights at Freddy's. I made five teasers already, but It's not the right time to upload them earlier! Anyway, I'll give out the names of some costumes for the game, where they will attack you inside a new place which is the Safe Room! Here:

    The Body, Wesley, Inverted Weslie, Jack, and more!

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