SM: What is this? A wiki for my game?

KP: Yes. Now git gud

SM: Keeb pls

Gametime: stap

KP: Warning 1 Threatening

SM: wat

Clockwork has Joined the chat.

Gametime: ello

SM: Hey bud!

KP: it's a small world


KP: Warning 1 Caps

SM: Ok....

Wyatt has joined the chat.

KP: I hope Wyatt-Senpai will notice me *Kawaii face*

Wyatt: wtf

KP has been kicked by Wyatt

KP has found Treasure Island.

SM: wyet pls

WTT: nu

GT: nu

KP: Stop spaming please.

SM: Ok then...

TO BE CONTINUED... (I hope.)

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