• Pre-1920 - God is born.
  • 1920s - Oswald and Mickey are created by Walt Disney. God creates Suicide Mouse.
  • 1940 - Daisy is invented, in return being created by God.
  • 1974 - Treasure Island opens. God creates Photo Negative Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.
  • Early 1990s - The blank kids start to appear, one of them Undying. He survives however.
  • 1999 - Treasure Island shuts down. Oswald, The Face, Pluto, Slester, and Photo Negative Minnie are created.
  • Early 2000s - The SSA is formed. Henry works as an intern, being killed by an unknown Suit. Jake takes over, completing 5 nights, and the rest of the SSA arrive from Alabama.

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