Some of you may of heard that Wikia is responsible for one living Anon trash. Then Keebler came out of nowhere. He was an admin for the FNATI wikia. But it all stopped.

Wikia blew a million dollars to make this site.

Then it just ended.

That's because the Anons were attacking. Every bit of the wiki was abandoned for some reason.

[A Few Weeks Later]

I am here at the wiki. Dead decaying bodies are everywhere. Keebler came to see the mess.

Keebler: Stupid anon trash.

Mr. Suicide Mouse: I know right?

Keebs bought his ban hammer to get rid of the anons. But then, right behind me, was our god Purity. She came to see what was up. But next to her... Was a photo positive Anon.


Keebler shot him dead. Purity burn it. I jumpscares it tu death.

Whatever you do, don't go to the comment section.

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