Mr. Suicide Mouse

aka Account Disabled

  • I live in The Treasure Island's Broadcasting room.
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is Playing Games and Creepypastas
  • I am Male
  • Mr. Suicide Mouse

    With all this drama happening, I'm not leaving this wiki. I'm patiently waiting for FNATI news. Not news about this wiki. If you're here for the game, bear with me. It's gonna be a while before we see more news.

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  • Mr. Suicide Mouse

    With the help of myself, I finished my Suicide Mouse mock-up! Enjoy...?

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  • Mr. Suicide Mouse
    • Pre-1920 - God is born.
    • 1920s - Oswald and Mickey are created by Walt Disney. God creates Suicide Mouse.
    • 1940 - Daisy is invented, in return being created by God.
    • 1974 - Treasure Island opens. God creates Photo Negative Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.
    • Early 1990s - The blank kids start to appear, one of them Undying. He survives however.
    • 1999 - Treasure Island shuts down. Oswald, The Face, Pluto, Slester, and Photo Negative Minnie are created.
    • Early 2000s - The SSA is formed. Henry works as an intern, being killed by an unknown Suit. Jake takes over, completing 5 nights, and the rest of the SSA arrive from Alabama.
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  • Mr. Suicide Mouse

    I need help

    May 15, 2015 by Mr. Suicide Mouse

    Edit: I forgot the screaming doesn't start till earlier in the mock-up. Not at exactly 7 minutes as seen in the pasta. I need audio files of the screaming and a fanmade moaning.

    So I'm trying to recreate the SM.avi "leaked footage" like it was in the pasta. Here's a wip of it. I'd appreciate it if anyone helped!

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  • Mr. Suicide Mouse

    SM: What is this? A wiki for my game?

    KP: Yes. Now git gud

    SM: Keeb pls

    Gametime: stap

    KP: Warning 1 Threatening

    SM: wat

    Clockwork has Joined the chat.

    Gametime: ello

    SM: Hey bud!

    KP: it's a small world

    SM: WHY

    KP: Warning 1 Caps

    SM: Ok....

    Wyatt has joined the chat.

    KP: I hope Wyatt-Senpai will notice me *Kawaii face*

    Wyatt: wtf

    KP has been kicked by Wyatt

    KP has found Treasure Island.

    SM: wyet pls

    WTT: nu

    GT: nu

    KP: Stop spaming please.

    SM: Ok then...

    TO BE CONTINUED... (I hope.)

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