Question 1 

Which word best describes your personality?

  • Optimistic (1 point)
  • Irritable (3 points
  • Quiet (6 points)
  • Relaxed (12 points

Question 2 

One of your best friends has died, but you are the only one that knows.


  • Keep it a secret (13 points)
  • Deliver the news in a cheery way (2 points)
  • Deliver the news sadly (5 points)

Question 3 

Which of these colors reflects your mood right now?

  • Red (4 points)
  • Blue (8 points)
  • Green (1 point)

Question 4 

You are crossing the street with your friend when suddenly you hear a truck horn sound from your right.

Your friend is on the right side of you.


  • Tackle your friend out of the way (4 points)
  • Push your friend into the way of the truck to save yourself (7 points)
  • Die with your friend (2 points)


13-22 = Henry or Jake
23-26 = Remastered Greg or Original Lisa
27+ = Original Greg or Remastered Lisa

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