I had a very deep discussion on the Chat, and I've found more evidence and a deeper understanding in doing so.


Keeb's theories revised!



Some time between 1939[1] and before April 8, 1974[2]

During World War II, official Disney gas masks were actually produced for children to wear in the event of an attack. The idea was that it would be less scary for kids if Mickey's face was emblazoned on the wartime safety device.


During the Cold War scare of the 60s, when Disney World was constructed, Room Zero was stocked with similar masks, as well. Whether they cared about the fears of children, or just callous branding, the things found their way down there.


Someone or something sounded the alarm one day, when the park was at full capacity. The warning was clear. It was supposedly an air attack.

Security ushered everyone down, down, down into the tremendous shelter. There, they were ordered to put on their masks and hunker down for the duration of the assault.

Everything was quiet for about thirty minutes, save for the crying children and the frightened whispers. No one wanted to die, and so they were thankful in a way for this strange measure of safety.


The lights flickered...

Then died.

What followed could only be described as utter chaos. In the dark, only the wails of the young and the anguished cries of adults could be heard in a massive, swelling din that bloodied the ears of all within that black echo chamber.

A group of staff members and a select few patrons made it out of the door, ready to face the War above rather than the insanity below. What they found, of course, was a desolate, yet untouched theme park. The music continued to play, echoing through silent storybook towns.


April 8, 1974


  • Treasure Island is renamed "Discovery Island" and the pirate themes are dropped... however, one area remains: Pirate Caverns.

Late 1980s

April 8, 1999

  • Discovery Island closes.

July 2003

  • The research team first learns of Treasure Island and decides that they would like to reopen it under new management.
  • The research team learns of the suits on Discovery Island; they do not think this is a huge problem.
    • These two items on the timeline MUST be here in order for all following items in the timeline to exist.
  • The research team figures out that the suits can hear very well, but not see very well.
  • Greg, by a stroke of luck, accidentally figures out that shutting off cameras makes the Suits go away.
    • One of the TGsEE emails describes this.
  • The research team begins to get all of their equipment ready, before they head out to Treasure Island. This is because Greg left his equipment in one of the rooms (Pirate Caverns, most likely.)
    • Does the first part sound familiar? It's mentioned in the Night 1 call.
    • Greg's equipment is mentioned in another TGsEE email.
  • An intern named Henry works for the research team.
    • The Night 1 Call in the Remastered demo has Greg talking about a previous intern... suspicious.
    • TGsEE confirmed Henry's existence and gave his name.
  • Henry and Lisa go down to Pirate Caverns in order to retrieve the equipment.
    • Henry gets lost because of Lisa leaving him unsupervised.
  • Henry dies to Donald (head & body intact), and Henry's head is put inside Donald's by Donald himself or possibly another suit.
  • The research team learns that Henry has died and buries the intern's corpse (or what's left of it). Donald (body) is never seen again.
    • These two have sort of weak evidence. Firstly, in Abandoned by Disney, Donald has a skull within him, but his body is never seen. Secondly, the way Jake dies in-game is through a head switch between Photo-Negative Mickey and Jake. Now, here, you're probably going, "You just underminded your own argument. Head switch, not that thing you said about Donald." Here's my counter-argument: you never really see any other game over screen except Mickey's head streaked with yellow blood across the floor. It's possible that Donald worked in a different way than Mickey while he was more than just a head, and we just never got a chance to see it happen.
  • New hopes as a Jake Smith is hired for the research team as another intern.
  • In the meantime, Ida tells her story of witnessing the spirits within Room Zero.
    • Hammer doesn't say how long ago he heard Ida's story, and it doesn't say anywhere when the creepypasta takes place.


Sometime after July 2003

  • Jake has completed all of his nights.
  • The research team has gotten all of their equipment ready.
    • Evidently, this is the true ending to the game.
  • Jake and the research team reopen Treasure Island, and then...
  • One of the following three took place:
    • They were killed by the suits for one reason or another.
    • The general public had already lost interest or become disgusted by then.
    • Jake and the research team lost interest for one reason or another.
  • This led to the re-closure of Treasure Island.
    • The island had to be closed in order for the next item on the timeline to exist.

Late 2000s or Early 2010s

  • Abandoned by Disney takes place.

To top it all off...

So in the end I could barely find the place. All I had to go on was an old-as-hell map I'd received in the mail back in the 90s. It was a promotional item sent out to people who had recently been to Disney world, and I guess since I had been there in the late 80s, that was "recent".
— Abandoned by Disney

Suit behavior explanation

Suggestion: Please tell the mascots not to try eating in their costumes. We keep getting one in with food all over its face and we think someone's trying to be funny. The mouth opening is mesh, so eating isn't even possible.
Suggestion: Please give the Mascots more break time or allow them to take short breathers during work hours. Sweat and body odor are one thing, but now we keep getting the same suit full of vomit.

This one in particular is related to that oh-so-well-known yellow fluid.

Suggestion: We received a mascot suit with paint on its gloves. Someone took it to the south gate, and the color matches what the vandal is using. Might be worth looking into. Also, where are the cards?

It seems to have a matching quote in Room Zero:

Written in yellow... paint, I'm sure... was a single word.


Suggestion: costume sticking to the sores
Suggestion: It'
s tOo hard
to writ with
this gloves on
Suggestion: ha ha I'm a mouse
Suggestion: i can't get my head off i can't get my head off i cant get my head off i cant get my hed off i can't get my head of
Suggestion: the costume is sticking to my sores and there are more sores
Suggestion: all i am is sores

Perhaps the Unknown White Figure is causing the above!

Think about it, this wouldn't happen without some sort of supernatural interference...

Suggestion: the costume is breathing and if i don't match its movements i can't get any air
Suggestion: please help, costumes are heavy with people inside and there's no hook left for me

The costumes have corpses inside of them.

The only way for the people inside to escape was decapitation or hanging the costume using the hooks in Meat Freezer.

...Wait a minute...

Puritysin (works with the game's creator, Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez) said that the suits are no longer allowed to walk around during the day.

If this is true, then...

Between 6:00 AM and 11:59 PM each night that Jake works

  • The suits go back to their starting location by instinct or because of a habit formed while working at Treasure Island.

Other evidence

  1. World War II started in 1939
  2. Treasure Island aka Discovery Island History - Theme Park Archives


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