Hey guys, did you see the front page? Of course you did.

Matthew released the images, models, and animations for FNaTI remastered, the same for the original version, and the textures used for both.

Now what I want to talk about are a few things in the remastered version that didn't make it to the final version released by Purity.

  • The Golden Trophies were supposed to be used for a challenge mode where Jeff the Killer would go after you.
    • Additionally, the Golden Trophies would rotate when viewed, and Jeff had his own cutscene.
  • The ending of the trailer was indeed Henry, but the game was never finished, so we never got to see him.
  • There were going to be up to 11 cameras. CAM 11 was never finished.

CAM 11. There's three lamps at the top, a red rug on the floor. The room is L-shaped.

  • The full map had a very different layout in comparison to the original.

The full map. The bottom-right room with two narrow entrances is supposed to be the Office. The disconnected room is CAM 11.

  • PN Mickey was supposed to raise his head to look at you when he enters the Office.

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