• KeeblerPie has found Treasure Island.
    its been a while since i wrote anything related to anons, and if youve read my latest thread, im sure you can understand why
    a lot has been going on since i visited t. people have been spamming my message wall for me to promote him to rollback
    anyway, i found out recently that im being stalked by wikia contributors
    the first couple of wikia contributors made me paranoid, i almost blocked everyone
    *so paranoid
    the first one that spammed on my message wall, or rather, the first one i noticed, was one with HORRIBLE grammar
  • ClockworkSpirit2343 has found Treasure Island.
    whoever that was, they were your typical spammer, but something seemed off about the way they responded to warnings
    i warned them twice and told them the second one was the last
    they stopped responding for a while and then they popped back up again
    i remember they said something like "expluuring? lol"
    but that's not all
    every time i visit my message wall there's always some sort of spam message i keep finding
    on april 11th, i visited my message wall to find vandalism on my message wall greeting
    written in yellow... spam, i'm sure... was one word.
    that's not all, I have witnesses
    i'll call them by nicknames because their username suck or whatever
    "Ded" patrols every single user's message wall weekly
    he's not there to make friends or anything
    he's looking for the anons
    there's been a long tradition of people with no account
    Ded goes to the message walls and he checks for an anon
    Ded's never seen an anon for himself before, but one time he saw a comment, and as soon as he hit "Reply", he'd realized that the comment had been deleted
    this next guy, I'll call him "infobox"
  • KeeblerPie has been banned by ClockworkSpirit2343.
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