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    Hey guys, did you see the front page? Of course you did.

    Matthew released the images, models, and animations for FNaTI remastered, the same for the original version, and the textures used for both.

    Now what I want to talk about are a few things in the remastered version that didn't make it to the final version released by Purity.

    • The Golden Trophies were supposed to be used for a challenge mode where Jeff the Killer would go after you.
      • Additionally, the Golden Trophies would rotate when viewed, and Jeff had his own cutscene.
    • The ending of the trailer was indeed Henry, but the game was never finished, so we never got to see him.
    • There were going to be up to 11 cameras. CAM 11 was never finished.

    • The full map had a very different layout in compari…

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  • Mr. Keebler

    I sound like one of those make pretend game journalists in the title :P

    Anyway though, Debra came on the chat today at around 9:26 eastern and left around 9:32 eastern.

    At around 9:06 eastern, she posted a message on her wall (and later edited it at 9:08) saying that Five Nights at Treasure Island is a copyrighted work.

    Here's the post, just so you don't think I'm pulling shit out of my ass.

    Not only that, but she closed the post too! (meaning you can't reply to it)

    Also, here's to confirm Slimebeast's suspicions on Debra being Purity's mother.

    You know, reputation plays a huge part in credibility...

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    If you haven't heard the news yet (stop living under that rock of yours), Treasure Island got cancelled.

    So kinda like Cassie's revival of it, I am planning to create a Five Nights at Mowgli's Palace, or a Five Nights fan-game taking place in the titular area from Slimebeast's creepypastas, using his characters and story, with credit, and without making any money off of it.

    So pretty much the opposite of what Purity was making Project D.I. into, heh.

    That being said, I'll start working on it only after I'm done with my current game, but I just wanted to get this out there.

    Post your thoughts and opinions below guys.

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  • Mr. Keebler

    How ironic, huh? That it had to be me to say this.

    So yeah, Five Nights at Treasure Island did get canceled... I guess? I can't tell because Purity's already canceled it and then revived it before.

    Anyway though, yep, Five Nights at Treasure Island is canceled everyone.

    But why should it mean the death of this Wiki?

    This Wiki, this specific Wiki.

    While Five Nights at Treasure Island might be gone (Project D.I.?), why does this Wiki have to be gone too?

    I have a proposal.

    Why don't we rehabilitate this Wiki? As in, turn it into a Wiki for another game.

    What do you say, guys? Leave a comment with your opinion and if you agree, what game should we base it on?

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    "WOW, I can’t believe it. I didn’t left the Wikia so people also left, I just wanted to tell you guys the reason why I am leaving, nothing else. Please, stop leaving, this Wikia is awesome, you will regret this decision if you do the wrong thing"

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