Hi everybody. I just wanted to say a few things.

When i first found this wiki I was very interested. Before I came here I only knew about PN Mickey, The Face, Oswald, Donald and Goofy's head. Upon arriving I found out about Pluto, Undying, Goofy's body and PN Minnie. I looked around then left. When I saw RiskRim play TBmHC I came back here to find out about TBmHC and the images in it. After that I left again and checked back after Remastered came out and learnt about Suicide Mouse. I then started checking the wiki every day for information. Eventually I decided to make an account. 63 days later I am still here and active every day. I want to say thank you to the bureaucrats for taking care of the wiki. Thank you to AnArt for making the game. Thank you to Cutupuss for making the wiki and Thank you to everyone on the wiki for being nice and being funny because I love laughing. 

Now why did I choose this certain day to make this blog. I'm only 50 points away from enough points to be an Admin. Now I'll probably get a comment from a bureaucrat saying that I won't get the rank because I badge farmed once and well I hope I won't get one.


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