Today is an important day for me. Its the U.K. general election so I'm going to reveal something. 

I'm British and live in Britain

Also I'm making ANOTHER fangame called: Five Nights at The Youtube Poop Factory. It will have tons of enemies to deal with. Here are some of them: 

Spy: Hides from the camera so you have to use a device to scan the camera for a Spy to find his current location.

Rick Astley: Acts like Redman from One Night at Flumpty's 2. A pop up appears and if you don't get rid of it in time it Rickrolls you and kills you.

Snoop Dogg: You have a DANK meter. When Snoop Dog appears in your office he will make it go up until you lure him out. 

Spooky Scary Skeleton: Blocks your camera until you lure him out of the office.

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