• Mangle, the torn-up Fox

    New theory

    February 12, 2015 by Mangle, the torn-up Fox

    Hello people, Faceless here. And I am trying to share a theory that I have found. 8 hours of research, very long. Right?

    I suspect that the previous intern, Henry, died while being lost in the pirate cavern. Not only he simply "died", but the suits may have his body parts too.

    And I have proof by The Face and Photo Negative Minnie Mouse. His/Her teeth/eyes resemble ones of a human, and which should be proved of a previous intern that just died a horrible death, since Henry is the only guy that was told to be the previous intern, it should be obvious that Henry died and got his body parts stolen by the following suits. Also since Greg mentions you to not to screw up their equipment, the company may have issues removing it, or simply vanishes …

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  • Mangle, the torn-up Fox

    New Theory

    January 23, 2015 by Mangle, the torn-up Fox

    I did alot of research and played the game for like lots of hours, and here's my theory

    Donald's head attracts PN mickey

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