Leafeon Overlord

aka dat boi

  • I live in the internet
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is building a
  • I am a dead meme
  • Leafeon Overlord

    Well we upset the devs so much they canceled the game the wiki has fallen apart no one does anything on here anymore. And to the devs please continue the great game the admins did so much to make the wiki what it was and now it all goes down the drain please we need one more chance to change our behavior.

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  • Leafeon Overlord

    This wiki isn't how it used to be now almost every one is a complete jerk with no regards of anything but themselves and then half of the community quit every one is a complete drama queen and I feel like no one does anything about it now I have a feeling this wiki is going to be empty soon because of this. And to the Admins I hope you do something about this before this wiki is just plain hell.

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