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  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is MMF2 Developer
  • LeQuote

    Wait a second

    August 6, 2015 by LeQuote

    How the heck is this Wiki still alive to this very day?

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    So i'm chat mod now.

    June 24, 2015 by LeQuote

    Cutupuss announced he was leaving permantly in the chat, He offered free chat mod to someone. I was the first and only to ask, Now i'm chat mod.

    I promise to be good because of course i don't want a demotion.

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  • LeQuote

    Just chat in the comments here sharing good last moments of this wiki.

    RIP FNaTI Wiki.

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  • LeQuote

    It all started when Cutupuss retired. Now all the admins are fighting each other and drama and a whole lot more.

    And now? TwinklePhoenix left this wiki. I'm guessing PuritySin is next.

    And now? I think this wiki is starting to die because FNaTI is taking so long to be finished.

    Our only hope is if Cutupuss comes back. But that doesn't seem soon.

    This seems like NISLT's comment section, Only more dramatic and the FNaTI community instead of Spookwagen and TheSpyCrap.

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  • LeQuote

    Example of my "Epic" Skills.

    photipbnthjgyj mivky moufr (Photo negative mickey mouse)

    dibskd dyjc (Donald duck)

    odswgjg rge jtcjr ecsvhuy (Oswald the lucky rabbit)

    giift (Goofy)

    plyto (Pluto)

    photi befsrtyv byvve buters (Photo negitave micky mouse)

    undtubgf (Undying)

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