aka Ciara.

  • I live in Ireland/USA (either one)
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is Being an editor.
  • I am Not telling.
  • KennyRulz244444

    I have returned to this wiki after a long hiatus, don't expect me to be fully active as I will be busy studying for exams and such.

    - KennyRulz244444

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  • KennyRulz244444

    I'm back.

    April 17, 2015 by KennyRulz244444

    For those (if there is any... :( ) who have wondered where I went, I traveled to Siam Park in Tenerife (if that is how you spell it) for a week holiday. I have returned and will (hopefully) continue to help out with the "cursed" wiki.

    I will try to make a few updates when I am able to progress. :)

    Thanks again guys for creating a wiki based on an awesome fan game! (the best one along with One Night at Flumpty's and its sequel)

    - KennyRulz244444 (what a terrible username)

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  • KennyRulz244444

    You might not know me, but my name is Ciara, also known as KennyRulz244444. I am mostly a friendly user, but with a dark side so watch your mouth if talking to me. I am a fan of many things you aren't, such topics are Dedalord (a game company who does "Fred" games, Falling Fred, Running Fred, Skiing Fred, etc), the V/H/S films (excluding V/H/S: Viral, which sucked), Sonic (excluding the games), Terraria and many other games, franchises, films, etc.

    I would like to let you know that my goal is to gain 1,000 edits on this wiki, as Five Nights at Treasure Island is a very interesting game (more interesting than the game it was inspired by, Five Nights at Freddy's) and that I would like to help out as much as possible in order for me to advance. (I pr…

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