(Lisa's Private Email I)

I think we may have to hide Henry's "accident".

Its for our good.

Now the suits.

Whats up with them?

Why they move?


Probably Yes!

But i have no Clue Greg will believe it "The Easy Way"

I must need a picture of one of the suits.

(Greg's Private Email I)

Lisa is telling me about the suits being haunted.

I hesited in believe until she showed the picture.

A Mickey suit standing.

Its not normal.

(Lisa's Private E-mail II)

After i found out the suits are very attracted to high sounds by accident..

I may do a call for the new member.

Hope he likes it! S2

(Jake's Private Email IV)


The suit almost got me.

It looked so horrible i think i wont sleep this day.

(Henry's Private E-mail I)

Ah cool!

A spooky suit!

What could it do?

Maybe check now-


Do you wanna see my head come off


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