Make a new post about the shades. Just that.

Man dony8193 is being spamming the posts help here

Sorry for The strange msg. We are out of posts.

Dony is at again pls help

Kids are roleplaying crazy stuff. Still no choice But delete the post.

Haha im a troll

Sorry. Out of posts again.

Dony just cheated at Monopoly! What a jerk!

Its had to writ wth dose keiboads


The kids are ruining the things

Finally some more posts!

Out of posts. Somebody has being stealing them.

Dony smells like gasoline and we just had a fire next to the chat


help if i dont Match the chair i dont get good air

Somebody tell the I.T. Guys to not eat on they chairs.

Oh i know wat tu do

The tablet

Dony is finnaly getting baned!

Help the kids are Coming with new accounts.

hope dis wok

Somebody could give more posts?

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