So I have been a writer for a few years now. I enjoy creating characters backstories and even doing readings of them but still I have never felt much love from doing it. It always seemed like something I did and no one really payed attention to not even when I rped those characters but well...Thanks to you guys and this game I actually feel like my writing means something.

Its silly I know but so many of you guys have come to me telling me how much you love Miko who is probably one of my favorite characters to write for that it actually touchs me deep in my cold little sinner queen heart. Seriously though shes a character I put alot of love into especially being a huge Disney fan for so many years but she was always one that simply got ignored by everyone.

It means alot to me that you guys enjoy her story so much and you even make me want to write more about her in hopes hey maybe she will become an actual cartoon character in a Disney movie or cartoon or even game.

I know this is rambling a bit but thank you guys for the support and your love for the character and hey if you want to draw her or do something with her let me know. She is still my character and my property so I would really appreciate it if you tell me ahead of time what you want to use her in.

Thank you all.

Purity out!

Side note I put something up for some fun. If you want a Miko one as well let me know. Clicky

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