Hey guys want to see game testing for the next part of five nights at Treasure Island?

Well you have a chance. The Sinners are going to be holding a Charity drive all month long. Anart will be helping out as well since his part of our group. We begin our streams Wednesday the 3rd at 2pm on hitbox where Anart and I will be reading your fan theories and playing games.

If we can raise over 2,000 dollars we will show you a sneak peek at some of the game testing for the next part of the game. Each thousand we raise will have a different prize and game shown starting with P.T at 1,000.

Join us over at The Purity Sinners and show your support for a good cause. Have some fun watching some games and help raise money for Animals and people in need. Also please spread the word so we can get as much help as possible.

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