Hello my Fanimatronics! So, rather than posting random blog posts, I decided to post update blog posts whenever I feel they're necessary. In this blog post, despite talking about something important I actually have an exciting opportunity near the end.

First things first, the game may be delayed even more (my version of FNaTI). This is due to school now officially starting and not having alot of time to work on the game because of this. This is also due to working on a fanmade mini-movie with a friend, and, due to the fact that I started that earlier than I started this, that will push it back even more. But don't get me wrong, I will work on the game every chance I get!

Another thing, I have watched Slimebeast's recent FNaTI drama video. I honestly have to say I am a bit dissapointed- not in Slimebeast, but in some people in this FNaTI community. Now, I am not going to say some of the things I think in my head about these people, but you should know who you are if I said I watched Slimebeast's video.

Now thirdly, and the exciting part, I may be looking for voice actors/actresses. Now, I am not sure what I need, so PLEASE don't send me audition tapes or anything. I will make another blog post once I know what I need.

Thank you for reading, all my fanimatronics! Have a nice day!

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