Hello all of my fanimatronics! Today I have a quick announcement/ update about the development of FNaTI. Okay listen, there have been alot of people telling me I've "been in the planning stage too long". BUT, tehre is a reason as to why I've been planning for awhile. Wanna listen? Okay.

Psst, also, stay until the end for an announcement.

1. When I say I'm planning, I'm planning everything. This includes story, gameplay, locations, designs, etc. So I'll be in this stage for awhile, but to keep ya'll content maybe I'll sneak in a few pictures of drawings from time to time :).

2. Aswell as working on FNaTI, I'm also working on a (fan) MLP tell-tale game. And I am more farther in development with that than this, so if anything that'll be finished first and I'll be working on that alot. But that doesn't mean I won't try to work on FNaTI.

3. I haven't really had alot of freetime lately to really do anything. My last blog explained how with school starting I won't have alot of time to really do anything.

So, you've made it to the end of the list! Now here's the announcement...

I will start auditions for a character- phone guy!

However, there are two phone people. I will voice the phone girl, but I will of course need a voice for phone guy. You can send the audition in any form, via youtube, vocaroo, souncloud, etc.

All you need to do is voice act for a tiny part of the script for the night 1 phone call, which all you have to say is:

"So *cough* uh...did I mention that photo negative suit..? No..? Okay, uh, basically uh...he tends to...*softly and quiet* wander around at night. But don't sweat it, you'll be fine! Just out for it, okay?"

You can either send you voice acting the part on my message wall or on this blog post.

Well, that's all for this update, see ya!

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