Hello everyone, Psychodash here once again with another update. So, most of you should know by now I am one of many people recreating FNaTI. Now, I know you are sick of this news but, once again I have decided to drop my project.


So, there are alot of other users making FNaTI revives, my version would barely be noticed. However, there aren't alot of people saying they will attempt FNaTI2.

So what does that mean? Yeah, I'll make the sequel once a popular fangame comes out. I'm sure all of the revived versions will be amazing!

I'm not sure when I'll start development for the sequel. But it'll most likely be after a revived versiom is announced released and done. I ahve some ideas in mind, and I can't wait.

Sadly like I have explained before, FNaTI is the last of my priorities. There is another original game I will be developing that will be eating my efforts.

So, that's your daily dose of news. See ya!

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