This is like, a really crappy story. This is a reminder so im using all special text stuff.

There was a Wikia.

A Wikia that was like, awesome and stuff. Until one day, all the anons were blocked, they spent 1 penny on it, yes. 1 PENNY.

That's like... A LOT OF MONEYS

Until one person came into the wikia, it was a fat person named Gametime8889 usernamed KeeblerPie. The wikia was like all bloody and stuff, red and blue things were all over. KeeblerPie flyed through the Wiki and saw a bunch of ded anons around. He met Treecko Plush.

Treecko Plush: pls help

KeeblerPie: no

Treecko: yus

KeeblerPie: no


Gametime popped out of nowhere, he was also a skeleton. It was like, all spooky and stuff so it gave Keebler and Treecko a heart attack....


KeeblerPie teleported into a dark hallway, it smelled like iron cuz there was blood everywhere. Then he saw an anon, it was photo-positive. The anon pulled it's had off while saying "NOPE! NO ANON 4 U" Rotten spam and useless edits poured out from the head. KeeblerPie ran back to his glasses-mobile and never went there again.

Everyone died.


Gametime8889 (talk) 22:04, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

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