Okay, I want to make Pete as a minor enemy because I don't want Matt to break the game's codes. (This what he told me few months ago.)

Like I said from the old blog post, Pete is identical to his normal counterpart from the Disney franchise (especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) with the exception of his face. His eyes are empty like Photo-Negative Minnie's shade version and a wide smile. The eyes and mouth streams with yellow blood. There's a crack that appear from the middle of his forehead down through his chin.

He'll becomes active at Night 4. His behavior is similar to both Golden Freddy and Phantom BB from the FNaF franchise. With similarities with Phantom BB, his shaded face (texture) will and block the camera's view. If the player doesn't switch cameras soon, Pete will appear in-front of the desk at The Office and leans over it with his hands holding both of his cheeks like as if he's about to tear his face off. If this happen, the player will shut off the camera where Pete's face normally appear. Hiding under the desk doesn't help at all.

If it's too late for the player to shut off the camera after five seconds, Pete will jumpscare them by opening his face in half while leaning against the player and three pair of black, octopus-like tentacles will squirm directly at the player as his toothed-maw for a face going directly at the center of the screen with an ear-piercing scream.

Just like Golden Freddy, after he jumpscare the player and when the screen fade black, the computer crashed.

I change the idea for Pete's true face during his jumpscare. The reason why is because some users criticized my early idea of his face looking more like a lemon. Here's my latest idea for Pete's true face: Image

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