This has been taken from my own comment

Pete is identical to his normal counterpart from the Disney franchise (especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) with the exception of his face. His eyes are empty like Photo-Negative Minnie's and a wide smile. The eyes and mouth streams with yellow blood. There's a crack that appear from the middle of his forehead down through his chin. He starts at the Storage Room. When he becomes active at Night 4, he can be seen hiding with the half of his face visible from the far left. His behavior is similar to Springtrap from FNaF3 because he always hide a lot. Here are several locations that Pete appears:

  • Storage Room (his starting location).
  • Staff Area. He can be seen at the doorway from the Storage Room.
  • Meat Freezer. First position: He is at the left side of the door far ahead. Second position: His head block the camera's view almost (texture).
  • Finally; The Office. While Pete's in the Office, he stands in-front of the desk and leans over it with his hands holding both of his cheeks like as if he's about to tear his face off.

In his jumpscare, Pete quickly open his face in half that really turns out to be his mask being splitted in half while leaning against the player. His true face was horrific. The face look like a chunk of yellow flesh with a toothed maw in the center and with mulitple needle-like teeth. He also got six oil-black colored tongues flailing out of directions like tentacles. Pete also gave an ear-peircing scream while his face going directly at the center of the screen. This is obviously to be the most brutal jumpscare in Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Here's what Pete's true face look like during his jumpscare from this image here. (However I really have to warn you; this image is pretty disturbing and sickly.)

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