God (a.k.a Unknown white figure has a strange obsession with saying kids. but why? 0_0

Heres my theory about God.You know that arm by the trailer by the face? It looks identical to Gods arm.Could this mean she was intended to be a new model for the company? Anyway though my story is that God was meant to be a type of robotic guide in treasure island,however she felt bad for the other suits,specifically Oswald for being an forgotten character for so long.She started to gain emotions and felt empathy to them. She was angered by this and led an rampage with her own group of killer mascot suits.However there are always defects,in this case Mickey and Minnie backfired and became photo negative coloured.Being blind and out of controll at the same time.As for the face and undying? Both might have been former workers and became cursed.The undying an primitive angered beast locked under the pirate caverns. The face was maybe an child who was curious while at the same time pyschotic. Finally, remember the moddeling map thingy at pirate caverns? It constantly says "safe" for some reason, So Henry while running away for the Undying he must have managed to open the safe and found about the blueprints of God,only for Undying to capture him.....That is all I have for now but what do you guys think about it?

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