So hi everyone hows it going? If you read my god theory. Most of the things makes kinda sense...Minus the Face 0_0

As explained the Face plays a huge role in the story.But heres my real deal about that legless creepy crawly.

True origin:The Face might be The person responsible for the creation of GOD (Geologic  Obscurity  Dilligent Android)An cruel man with a heart of stone.He only cared about money and nothing about the characters.This enraged God to the point of starting her own army of corrupted mascot suits.Using her original creator as the manifestion for the Face as a punishment for his cruelty.This changed him completely. And as the SSA landed on the island, he wanted to warn them about Gods wrath.But could not speak to them.He even attempted to attack God. But had his legs ripped off as (another) punishment.The thing is that the Face is in fact the one true non evil being of the island. He wanted to help you stop God from taking your soul just like she did to his.

Ferocity/Death: At times, The Face gets controlled by God to attack Jake. This might explain why he tried to chase Henry to Undyings lair.God is smart.She never charges in, She always waits for a way to kill you.

Thats all for today!  Comment for things you dont get or more theories about each suit! For Oswald Or Suicide Mouse Just post it and I will make a fan theory about i! See ya!

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