aka freddy fazbear

  • I live in freddys pizzaria
  • My occupation is my original job was to entertain kids but now i kill secrety guards with my 3 best friends foxy chica and bonnie
  • I am male
  • Freddyfazbeartheanimatronic666

    hi guys this is my first blog post on the fnati wiki 

    and today i want to talk about something funny 

    everyone knows oswald talks from night 2 foward right 

    well when markiplier was playing night 2 

    he thought oswald said have mercy on twigs 

    and hahahaha thti one made me laugh 

    only ask for bossems (boobs)

    sorry if i spelt it wrong 

    this made me crack up laughing 

    and i want to know what you guys think 

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