Hi guys! It's FateForWindows, a moderator here and the developer of FNaTI: Found (a revival, not a fanmade sequel).

I would like to try to make it so that the FNaTI original demo source code will compile! If you try to compile the source in the BACKUP folder in AnArt's first package, you'll get an error saying "Out of Memory". I asked AnArt about this on his message wall and he told me that error actually prevented him from working with that.

If we could cut down the amount of frames, we could fix that error!

Does anyone want to try it?


You cannot post a download to the actual source code unless it is a link to AnArt's file leak. If AnArt says it is okay, then you can post a fixed download.


You can post instructions on how to fix it.

Things we might want to look at:

camlayout (in the cam folder)

acephalous_death (in the undertabel folder)

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