Hello again. I'd like to quickly talk about the FNaTi revival. I will call it Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, and here are the characters:

PN Mickey, as always. He behaves as normal and will go through all cams except the Broadcasting Room, the Storage Room, the Roof, and Cam 11 (I don't know what to call it, please suggest names).

Oswald. He will act the same, using his pre-remastered 3 voice.

Disembodied. He will become active after a while, and will then move to the player's office, and sometimes something else will happen...

The Face. He will act the way he does in remastered 3, entering through the chimney.

Acephalous. He will enter the ofice and attack or...

Pluto. I'm not sure how he will act. He will, however, not be aggressive.

Daisy. She will act like Disembodied, even using the same quacks, but she won't be connected to the ... mechanic.

Mortimer. He will do exactly what he does in remastered, but he won't be as buggy, and he can kill the player from under the desk with an animation.

PN Minnie. She will be an easter egg and not an active antagonist like Impure Mouse was. :)

God. God? Where are you God? Killing the player.

Undying. He will kill you like God.

Now for some extra characters:

Willy. He will sometimes appear in the lounge.

Nightmare Mortimer. He was going to replace The Face, but the idea was stupid. He will be a hallucination.

Corrupted Mickey. He will start in Cam 11 and then go toward the office like any other suit. 

That machine hallucination thing from Remastered 3. Yeah... I don't know what it is.

Jeff the Killer. He was going to be in there anyway.

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