aka The Unknown

  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is Developer of a bunch of random games including FNATI:F and A:DI
  • I am a lunatic.
  • FateForWindows

    I was hacked

    April 11, 2016 by FateForWindows

    Everything's okay now. The only damage was ADI being taken down.

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  • FateForWindows

    Hi guys!

    I have successfully decompiled FNATI Remastered 1.0 and am trying to fix the issues. Here's what I will do:

    1. Add a clock.

    2. Fix the bug where PN Mickey would immediately reach the office if the player put down their monitor while looking at a camera that was shut off.

    3. Fix the bug where the title screen is the wrong size.

    4. Fix the bug where the cam off screen is still there after the player puts down the monitor (and they will also get a surprise Mickey).

    5. Fix PN Mickey being summoned when cams are being turned off.

    6. Fix Suicide Mouse. JUST DO IT!

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  • FateForWindows

    I announced my revival and released the first demo here, so I'd like to announce that I dropped Found from the name.

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  • FateForWindows

    He appeared for a split second on the roof before disappearing. It is most likely a glitch.

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  • FateForWindows

    Oh my god

    January 3, 2016 by FateForWindows

    I left my computer in sleep mode while it was recording Remastered 3.0. When I opened it, it was 4AM on Night 3, and Impure Mouse was in the office, and there was a popup asking me to install Windows 10 1511. As I went through that, I put the camera up. Impure Mouse then jumpscared me a few seconds later. For some reason, the static is still there when suits put the cam down in that version.

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